Friday, January 20, 2017

Crumpets Face Inwards

Ceramics Vessels from 'Crumpets Face Inwards' Solo Exhibition June 2016 at Espacio Ananas in Madrid.

Each Vessel was a celebration of an Inspirational Artist or Maker.

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Castle

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Duck

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Alien

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Bunny

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Phillip Guston Dog

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Exhibiton

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Exhibiton

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Exhibiton

See More Here ----> Crumpets Face Inwards

Monday, September 21, 2015


Some of the absurd antics that went down on a recent trip to Belfast, joined in crime by low rollers 45RPM, RichT, Inkie, Lucas and the rest of you Boozey Puppiezz!

Thanks to Adam and Ali for bringing us over there, all the friendly locals and as always big up to Pedro from the Sunflower. See you all again SOOOON!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


‘The Shock of the Goo’ showcases a series of recently completed works by London based artist Malarko Hernandez. These works, part of an on going project, are formed on a base of juvenile tendencies and direct action.
Impatience and questionable humour flow through the works and are coupled with naive energy and an inquisitive subject matter, leaving the viewer asking:

What is Goo? Where does Goo come from? Or even the ambivilous, Am I Goo?

Cues are taken from the most important artistic movements from the last century in line with the title of the show, which itself is a take on the 1980 Robert Hughes Documentary that examines the rise and fall of Modern Art.

The exhibition is largely focused around crudely made ceramics, and represents an exploration of process, embracing the qualities of the physical medium, clearly expressing the idiom; out with the old and in with the the Goo.

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Duchamp Fountain

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Duchamp Fountain

Malarko Hernandez Naive Ceramics Exhibiton


Thanks to everyone that came and saw the show and supported the cause :o)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Athens Full Time

In Novemeber last year Me and David Shillinglaw made a little trip to Athens to paint and make an Expo.

Sarri 12 Gallery

Big thanks to MTN Athens distributer who hooked us up big time, here just late night testing the cans and exploring the Neighbourhood

Gloop Doggy Dogg, Chinese Quarter

Second Night, Acab the Police, No permissions just Pork Chops and Beer 

Drunken Corner Crew to the Left ATH1281

Cold Cuts Stencils 

Sarri 12 Gallery

Paper Cut at Sarri 12 Gallery

Detail of install at Sarri 12 Gallery

Flags with Shilly at Sarri 12 Gallery

Quadruple Extenderz

Tip Top Pork Chop Party

Big Love to Athens and all the crew that were so great to hang with, Kakao Rocks, Opium, Dean, Aleaky, Pork Chop man, and all the rest you da best!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A few photos from my recent exhibition at Galeria Dama Aflita in Porto

Some works are available at the Gallery Website HERE  

 One of the Special Highlights was this rug which was a collaboration with local company GUR.
Malarko for GUR is handmade in Portugal, held in a traditional handloom, with raw tirela (rag), embossed technique or over layers of colours and finishied with basic sewing.
Dimensions: 100cmx150cm.

Editions of this handmade rug is limited in a set of 10

This is rug available HERE